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History Behind the creation of 
American Academy of Ayurvedic Medicine, Inc. (AAAM) 

The American Academy of Ayurvedic Medicine, Inc. (AAAM) was conceived and created during a dinner meeting at the 2nd Conference on Ayurveda for the 21 st Century - New Paradigms for Health, October 31, 1999 sponsored by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New York City, N.Y. During this meeting it was unanimously agreed that Ayurveda is a true Art and Science of healthy living as well as being the oldest continuously practiced health care discipline in the world. Ayurveda is supported by historical information and also forms the basis of many eastern and western health care disciplines. In spite of Ayurveda being a prime healing science, it has suffered great deal of neglect and discrimination by various internal and external forces in India and abroad. It has not achieved its proper position and recognition as a health science due to a lack of proper infrastructure, clinical and academic support. 

Therefore, in order for Ayurveda to accomplish its goals and objectives, a need was felt for an integrated approach for a standing comprehensive committee consisting of Ayurvedic practitioners, educators, researchers and administrators from India and USA. This committee can only accomplish its objectives by the proper support and infra structure of public and private partnerships such as the Indian government, health ministry, elite Ayurvedic institutions, academic institutions inclusive of other well known Ayurvedic organizations in India and USA, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institute of Health (NCCAM, NIH) and notfor-profit Indo US Organizations such as Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. 

There is a lack of recognition by state governments, academic institutions and public in the USA for Ayurveda. The properly trained, Ayurvedic-aware health care provider is almost non-existent in America resulting in Ayurveda being practiced by a few trained or partially knowledgeable practitioners. In order for Ayurveda to be recognized as a proper health care discipline, there is a need of well-trained practitioners and clinicians trained in Indian sub continent, Europe and US, who are aware of health care issues in North America. At present, there are many problems related to clinical practices of Ayurveda such as, lack of recognition, licensure and appropriate malpractice insurance for the practitioners. 

American Academy of Ayurveda, Inc. (AAAM) is the outcome of these questions that will endeavor to provide the methodology by which Ayurveda may be improved and recognized as a health care discipline in the west particularly in North America. The AAAM will work to obtain the necessary recognition for Ayurveda as health care discipline, obtain licensure for practitioners in US States, and develop practice guidelines, quality of care and standardization of products. Further, the AAAM will work towards formulating a proper education program for Ayurvedic students and impart training to professional teachers as well as to the public. Education shall be based on sound Ayurvedic principles, encourage clinical, basic and health system research and dissemination of results in peer reviewed journals. 

The future for Ayurvedic practice is brighter, but there is great deal of it to be accomplished in a comprehensive, collaborative manner by current Ayurvedic organizations, practitioners and other interested parties. Thus, the Founding Members, unanimously agreed to form the American Academy of Ayurvedic Medicine, Inc. (AAAM), and shall work towards developing the steps necessary to alleviate the shortcoming for recognition and education in Ayurveda.

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